Unforgettable: The NFL’s 9/11 Rememberance

11 Sep
September 11, 2011

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On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, the NFL paid a magnificent tribute to this life-changing event in American History. There were many beautiful rememberances held over the course of the weekend, but it is not surprising that the NFL delivered one of the finest. Almost everything they do is first class, run by some smart folks. As good as the entire ceremony was, I posted this video for one very specific reason: the EPIC performance of our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner by tenor Jim Corneilson.

You have to watch it. You won’t believe it.

What I loved so much about it was:

1) He didn’t just sing it. He sang it the way it SHOULD be sung and he DELIVERED it. (Watch when he sings the words, “Our flag was still there”.)  

2) He not only DELIVERED it, he did so with EVERY OUNCE of PASSION and ENERGY he had in his body.

3) And finally, HE ROSE to the occasion under the most extreme pressure.

Consider that this was the opening of the NFL season. Consider that the event was being simulcast from Soldier Field in Chicago to every other stadium in America and hundreds of millions of homes around the world. Consider the miilions of eyes and cameras that were upon him precisely at this most poignant moment, on this most profound day in our history.

I love it when people respond in moments like these.

I challenge you to watch this stirring video and not be moved.

One day, I am going to start a website called www.risetothechallenge.com that features nothing but short clips contributed by anyone, of moments like these (defining moments of great achievement under the greatest of pressures). They are most commonly identified with every variety of sports, but happen in all types of arenas from performing arts to local spelling bees.

They are wonderful moments in life that lift and inspire us; remind us how remarkable the human spirit is; and how miraculously we are made. 


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