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19 Seconds of God’s Grace | GTM Reserve

28 Jan
January 28, 2023
Nineteen seconds to remind you that God is good, all of the time. No filters. No adjustments. Only what’s in front of me; this world He created especially for us.

The Fountain of Youth, St. Augustine, FL

11 Oct
October 11, 2022

On Labor Day, my wife, Gretchen, and I got our tourist on in Auggie. I have lived in Northeast Florida all my life and have NEVER been to the Fountain of Youth! 😳 I had heard that there was a pretty cool watch tower overlooking the Intracoastal waterway on the property so we decided to check it out, and to be sure, the views were spectacular! Highly recommended! The property is pretty big and there are a lot of other historical attractions on the site. A few peacocks hanging around, too. As far as the fountain, it’s inside a faux cave chamber. They have cups and let you drink from it. They say it’s from a spring but it definitely was NOT 72-degree spring water, more like 80-degree city water, lol 😂! But hey, we had to try! Also, my appearance did not become any more youthful, but ummm… maybe there’s a delay or something… I’ll keep everyone updated! I’m guessing a good, strong cup of black coffee would probably have a quicker, more immediate youth-restoring impact (maybe get rid of the bags under your eyes!) But don’t let my own cynicism affect your decision to give it a shot. You never know. It is a gorgeous place, and a beautiful sight to see. 

Up the River with a Paddle

28 Jul
July 28, 2018

Guana River Kayaking

Even on overcast days, the beauty of the Guana River Research Reserve inside Guana River State Park is evident.

Payne’s Prairie

23 Apr
April 23, 2018

I recently took a trip to Payne’s Prairie to hang out with my oldest daughter, Kendall, for Dad / Daughter weekend with her sorority at the University of Florida. Kendall and I decided to go for a hike in this spectacular state park and came across a lot of wildlife (although we didn’t run into any wild horses or bison -yes, bison- that live in the park). Nonetheless, it was an awesome time adventuring with my daughter, who’s always up for exploring with me.


Honey Tree | Big Sur | Pfeiffer State Park Sequoias

13 Aug
August 13, 2016

Pfeiffer State Park Sequoia

My “Honey” tree. Two of my favorite travel partners (we’re partners in a lot of things), Kendall and Gretchen, providing some scale for the giant redwoods in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

Morning Sunshine

01 Jun
June 1, 2016

Orlando Lakefront Sunrise

Green Peace and Quiet

19 Jul
July 19, 2015

natural bamboo tunnel

Serenity now. How’s this for a driveway?

Old Florida

20 Apr
April 20, 2015

Aunt Kate's at sunset

“Beer, Bait, Ice”

Catches a lot more than you (and me!)

04 Jan
January 4, 2015

Florida waterfowl

One of the more skilled wade-fishermen at Guana Reserve State Park

Guana Sunset

15 Nov
November 15, 2014

Sun going down in Guana River State Park

You walk into the world you make

La Jolla Dreamscape

03 May
May 3, 2014

Scenic beauty in La Jolla, California

Check out the spectacular beauty of La Jolla, CA! Paradise!

La Jolla Cove

03 May
May 3, 2014

Seals at La Jolla Cove, California

Seals chillin’ at La Jolla Cove, California

The Seals of La Jolla

03 May
May 3, 2014

The Seals of La Jolla, CA

The Seals of La Jolla, CA relaxing on a lazy Sunday

Three Day Weekend

02 Apr
April 2, 2014

Florida sunset on the Intracoastal Waterway


02 Apr
April 2, 2014

Pelicans, perfectly perched


Backlit Breeze

02 Apr
April 2, 2014

Florida sunset on the Intracoastal

Driftwood, Guana River State Park

24 Feb
February 24, 2014

Driftwood, Guana State Park

Guana River State Park

01 Jan
January 1, 2014

Guana River State Park

Guana River State ParkGuana River State Park

Guana River State Park between Jacksonville, FL and St. AugustineGuana River State Park ocean side, between Jacksonville, FL and St. Augustine

Above are a few images of 12,000-acre Guana River State Park in the Greater Jacksonville, FL area, between Ponte Vedra Beach and St. Augustine. Even on a cold winter day in December, her beauty shines through. The park runs from the Atlantic Ocean, across dunes, marsh and over to the Tolomato River. The place is gorgeous, loaded with hiking and biking trails, and lots of wildlife (bird sanctuary, calving ground for Right Whales, among many other species). I asked my wife to marry me here at the northern entrance to the park. I love to surf at Guana because it breaks well, handles larger swells better than most places around here, and is typically uncrowded. Gretchen thought that I was stopping to check the surf on the way out to eat one evening when I popped the question to her on top of the highest observation deck in the park. We later built a home right on the edge of the marsh in Guana and lived there for about 12 years or so. We ended up moving, but not too far- just about mile down the road off A1A. Guana River State Park is an excellent place to run, surf, fish, kayak, hike, bike, look for sharks teeth, or just explore and relax. If you’re looking for something to do in the Jax area one weekend, try to check it out. There’s also a great research center with some pretty cool displays at the southern entrance near Vilano Beach.

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