Ones and Zeros – Jack Johnson

I’ve always been a fan of surfer/film maker/musician Jack Johnson. Not just his music, but his humble attitude, and the things he’s always stood for. A little over 12 years into his ever-progressing music career, it seems to me that Jack is really hitting his stride. My wife recently picked up his latest offering, From Here to Now (released in September, 2013), and all I can say is- Wow, if you haven’t already, go get this CD! Every track is superb and memorable- super catchy rhythyms and melodies and the kind of lyrics that allow you to have new “ah-ha” moments each time you listen to them.

Always talented and flashing many moments of brilliance over his career (six studio albums, one soundtrack, two live releases and a few EPs), I liken this most recent release to a surfer who has identified the sweet spot on their new board and is working it out in perfect conditions. It leaves you feeling good and creates a moment in time you’ll never forget. I think people will look back on this CD as something particularly special/pivotal for Jack’s career.

This is a live version of one of my favorite songs from the new CD, Ones and Zeros.

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