Madison, Kendall and Kaelyn

A few of the Hamby girls- sisters, Kendall (middle) and Kaelyn (right), along with cousin Madison (left). Madison is my older brother’s (Rob’s) daughter. He has two more missing from this photo- Abby and Caroline. We are from a family of three boys, with no girls. My mom always wanted a daughter, but finally gave up trying! Naturally, I assumed that my brothers and I would (likely) only be able to produce boys when we had kids.  Instead, we have (5) girls with no boys between us! Talk about a flip!

My mother is in heaven and I have to admit- I love it, too! I remember how much trouble my brothers and I got into growing up and I’d just assume not return there, as a parent! Girls are soooo much easier- at least so far, with these girls! This picture was taken at Aunt Kate’s near Vilano Beach. We were out celebrating Kaelyn’s graduation from elementary school. It’s crazy to think that there are (5) Hamby girls prowling the halls of the local elementary, middle and high schools in Ponte Vedra these days.They are good kids and great friends, which is something special.

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