Kendall’s Directorial Debut

My 12 year old daughter, Kendall, along with her 13 year old cousin, Madison, have made their directorial debut, an epic film starring the much revered and reviled, “Popular Girls”! Despite the star power, I am not certain if this will make it to a theater near you, so here it is on YouTube. I think they did a bang-up job. Some nice editing, scoring  and special effects work, here. The acting’s pretty good, too. Below is the plot summary Kendall provided me. Grab some pocorn. Silence your cell phone. And enjoy…

“It’s Spring Break, and the ‘popular girls’ are going to Hawaii (not)! Somehow, they end up in…. Canada? The four girls go on many adventures in Pelly Mountain, some of which are hiking, escaping giant tires, bungee jumping – the usual. But only one comes out alive. This teaser will make you itch in anticipation to see the movie!”

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