Keep Thinking Forward

Keep Thinking Forward

Dear Clients, Friends and Business Partners,

I am writing you today to deliver some sad and unfortunate news. After 15 years in business, my wife Gretchen and I have made a decision to close our firm, Renaissance Creative.

 As most of you are aware, prior to 2007, our business was primarily residential and resort real-estate focused with 27 employees doing about $5 million / yr. annually. Indeed, during this time period, we were named one of the city’s “50 Fastest Growing Companies” five times by the Jacksonville Business Journal in 2002; 2004; 2005; 2006; 2007,  as well as one of Jacksonville’s “Best Places to Work” in 2007.

The sudden collapse of the real estate market was a significant shock to our system that required painful downsizing coupled with a complete, capital-intensive diversification of our client base. And while  we had made substantial progress and continued to grow on these fronts, unfortunately, after giving it our most sincere best efforts, the fixed overhead associated with our now-8 member team, combined with the continuing challenges of the larger economy, left us with little alternative.

We have been blessed to have had an extremely talented group of creative professionals here for all of these past 15 years and you should be aware that our still highly capable core team, led by partner, Ed Bondi, will be continuing to service accounts, operating as a consortium. Call it Renaissance 2.0. It is our expectation that they will be able to continue successfully in a new and more efficient operating structure, and I would encourage you to please continue to support them with your business, and referring them to your friends and associates. During the months to come, you will continue to be able to contact them (and me) via their current RC emails, as well as via their personal contact numbers.

Together, with the help of all of you- our valued clients, friends and business partners, we have produced an extraordinary volume of memorable work that we will forever be proud of. It is disheartening to see businesses like ours everywhere struggle in this difficult, stubborn economy, but I am certain that “American Exceptionalism” will continue to prevail, and that things will eventually improve for all of us.

Just as our team is doing, Gretchen and I move forward not only with sadness, but also with an inherent optimism, drive and excitement that cannot be extinguished to meet all challenges in front of us, and seek new opportunities as well. We have long put 100% of our faith in Jesus Christ, operated by His will and on His timeline. Choosing to do so has never failed us; just the opposite. We have always been, are and will continue to be richly blessed! We are grateful for these blessings, to which all of you have for so long, contributed. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Tim Hamby
President / Co-Creative Director




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  1. Tim, I knew you and your team during my time in Jacksonville and am sad to hear the news. You and your team have always been well-respected and I know you will continue forward with great things! Wishing you all the best!Amy

  2. Hey Amy, thank you for the well wishes- we appreciate it! I have been responding to many kind emails, tweets and such the past two days. So many supportive people out there. I see you’re out in San Diego. Might be the only place that rivals Ponte Vedra, like living in Disney World, no?!! : ) Continued success to you!


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