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Fun Day at Playa Negra in Tamarindo, Costa Rica


Hi, I’m Tim Hamby. Welcome to my site! It’s everything a blog shouldn’t be: unfocused, inconsistent, not well-promoted … mostly just a bunch of stuff that I like, find interesting or worth digitally archiving for one reason or another somewhere other than Facebook. That said, it’s also kind of like a desk drawer. You might not know what all’s in there, but if you sift through it long enough, you might find a few cool little knick-knacks.

My site is heavy on surfing, travel and outdoors; abundant iPhonography (my tastes run to landscapes- especially beaches, marshes and other coastal settings); numerous articles, including many published works on surfing and action sports, marketing, advertising, branding and design; some posts about my family and friends (married for 29 years with two daughters, one who graduated from the University of Florida and won the Dean’s Medal from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences; the other a Junior at FAU who recently graduated from her school’s Honors Program and was her class Salutatorian); a few interesting music videos … I think that’s about it!

Professionally, I’m a Creative Director for Beson4, a full-service digital marketing, advertising, branding & design firm located in Jacksonville, FL.

I previously worked as a freelance marketing and creative consultant, founded a very successful real estate marketing, branding & design firm (Renaissance Creative) which I ran for about 15 years (1996-2011), served as Executive Director for the Southeast Volusia Advertising Authority overseeing tourism marketing in New Smyrna Beach and the surrounding areas, Director of Social Media at Web.com (Nasdaq: WEB), and Director of Corporate Communications for HomeASAP, a real estate technology firm. You can check out more of my work at https://timhamby.contently.com/.

If you enjoy my site, have similar interests or would like to connect personally or professionally, feel free to reach out here or on any of my social channels. Thanks for stopping by.



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