9 Minutes of Mundaka’s Grinding Lefts

So, I haven’t posted too much since late last year: I’ve been busy, busy, busy at work! That hasn’t changed at all since I first started this blog. In fact, things are just continuing to pick up- lots of exciting things happening at work! Due to this, I’m not putting a lot of pressure on myself to keep up with my personal blog. However, I still want to try and post up some new content now and then, when something catches my eye. This weekend, while trolling the message board of one one of my favorite local surf shops- The Surf Station in St. Augustine, Florida, I came across this video showcasing 9 minutes of pumping surf in Mundaka, Spain. Now, I’m a third generation Florida native- not much of a cold water guy in the least, but I am a goofyfoot and these relentless barrels and walls just look too fun! The video comes from a pretty neat website called DailySurfVideos.com. You can subscribe via their RSS and get new vids emailed to you daily (or sent to you on FB or Twitter). Now, sit back and enjoy this hypnotic session!

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